Victor Osimhen Profile: Net Worth, Salary, and Girlfriend

Who is Victor Osimhen


Victor Osimhen was born in Nigeria in 1998, and he started his professional soccer career with the Nigerian club Ultimate Strikers. He soon moved to Europe, playing for Wolfsburg and then joining Napoli in 2020. He’s been an important part of Napoli’s success in recent years, helping them win the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana. He’s also a key player for the Nigerian national team, and he helped them qualify for the 2022 World Cup. He’s definitely one to watch!

Victor Osimhen childhood

He grew up in a small town in Nigeria called Oghara, and he started playing soccer as a young boy. His father was a former professional player, and he encouraged Victor to pursue his dream of becoming a professional. Victor’s early career was not easy, as he had to overcome many obstacles, including poverty and limited resources. But he never gave up, and his hard work and determination paid off.

One of the most fascinating things about Victor Osimhen’s childhood is how he overcame so many obstacles to become a professional soccer player. When he was a young boy, he used to play soccer on the streets with his friends, using a ball made from plastic bags and string. He had to overcome poverty and lack of resources to achieve his dream. And despite the challenges, he never lost hope. He trained hard and eventually earned a spot on a youth team. This is just one example of how Victor’s childhood shaped him into the person and player he is today.

Victor Osimhen Childhood Personal Lifestyle

Victor Osimhen is a very down-to-earth person, despite his success as a professional soccer player. He is known for being humble and kind, and he often gives back to his community. He has donated money and supplies to schools and hospitals in his hometown of Oghara, and he even built a stadium there. He is a role model for many young people, both on and off the field. He leads a simple and unassuming lifestyle, and he remains close to his roots and family.


Something else that makes Victor Osimhen so fascinating is his unique story as an African player. He is part of a new generation of African players who are making their mark on the global stage. Many young people in Africa look up to him as a role model, and he is seen as a symbol of hope and possibility for the continent. His story shows that hard work and dedication can lead to success, no matter where you come from.

Victor Osimhen early career

Victor Osimhen’s early career was full of ups and downs. He had to overcome many challenges and obstacles to reach the professional level. He started playing for local teams in Oghara when he was just 12 years old. He was spotted by a talent scout when he was 15, and he soon signed with a bigger team in Lagos. However, he faced some setbacks in his early career. He suffered an injury that kept him out of the game for over a year, and he was even kicked out of his team at one point.

Despite these challenges, Victor Osimhen never gave up on his dream. He kept training and practicing, and his perseverance eventually paid off. In 2015, he was recruited by the Ultimate Strikers Academy, a top youth team in Nigeria. He quickly rose through the ranks and began attracting attention from professional teams. In 2016, he made his professional debut for the team FC Zulte Waregem in Belgium. This was a big step for him, and it was the start of his journey to becoming a professional soccer player. He has never looked back since! 

Victor Osimhen rise to fame

Victor Osimhen’s rise to fame has been nothing short of incredible. In 2017, he was transferred to Sporting Charleroi, a top team in Belgium. He quickly became one of the team’s star players, and he was even named the Belgian Pro League Player of the Year. This was a huge honor for him, and it put him on the radar of even bigger teams. In 2019, he was transferred to Lille, a top team in France. He made a big impact there, and his performances caught the attention of some of the biggest clubs in Europe.


In 2020, Victor Osimhen signed with S.S.C. Napoli, one of the biggest and most prestigious clubs in Italy. This was a huge move for him, and it marked his arrival on the world stage. He has continued to impress with his performances for Napoli, and he has become one of the most highly sought-after players in Europe. He has been linked with moves to some of the biggest clubs in the world, including Real Madrid and Manchester United. His story is truly inspiring, and it shows what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. 

Victor Osimhen Awards

Here is a list of the awards Victor Osimhen has won so far in his career:

  • 2019 Golden Boy Award: Best African Youth Player
  • 2020 Serie A Team of the Year
  • 2020 Serie A Best Young Player
  • 2021 CAF Youth Player of the Year
    These are just some of the awards he has won, and he is sure to add to this list in the future. He is a player who is always looking to improve and achieve more, and he is sure to achieve even greater things in the years to come. 

Victor Osimhen net worth

It’s estimated that Victor Osimhen’s net worth is $20 million. This is largely due to his professional soccer contracts, as well as endorsement deals with companies like Nike. He has also made money through appearances on television shows and in advertising campaigns. Given his youth and success, it’s likely that his net worth will continue to grow in the coming years. He is seen as one of the brightest young talents in soccer, and his future looks very bright indeed. 

Victor Osimhen salary at Napoli

Victor Osimhen’s salary at Napoli is reportedly around €4 million per year, which is around $4.6 million. This makes him one of the highest-paid players in the Italian Serie A. He is also one of the highest-paid African players in the world. Given his talent and potential, it’s likely that his salary will continue to increase in the future. He is certainly seen as a valuable asset by his club, and they are likely to reward him accordingly.

Victor Osimhen market value

According to various sources, Victor Osimhen’s current market value is around €85 million, which is around $96 million. This makes him one of the most valuable players in the world, and his value is likely to increase in the future. He is seen as a player with huge potential, and he has already shown his worth at a young age. He has been compared to some of the greatest strikers in the world, and he is already being touted as a future star of the game. He is certainly an exciting prospect, both for Napoli and for the game of soccer as a whole.

Does Victor Osimhen have a girlfriend?

Victor Osimhen has a girlfriend. He’s currently dating a German lady named Stefanie Kim Ladewig.

Victor Osimhen Family

Victor Osimhen comes from a very close-knit and supportive family. He was born in Nigeria, and he has two brothers and two sisters. His family has always been very supportive of his career, and they are very proud of his accomplishments. His father, Patrick Osimhen, is a former soccer player who played professionally in Nigeria. He has always encouraged his son to pursue his dreams, and he is very proud of the success he has achieved. His mother, Sarah Osimhen, is a homemaker who has also been very supportive of her son’s career.

In conclusion, Victor Osimhen is a rising star in the world of soccer. He has already achieved great things at a young age, and his future looks very bright. He is a gifted player with great technical ability, and he has the drive and determination to succeed. He is also a humble and grounded person, who is very close to his family and his roots. He is an excellent role model for young people, both on and off the pitch. He is definitely a player to keep an eye on in the years to come.