Interesting Facts About Fabrizio Romano,2023 Net Worth, Height, Wife, Bio, Transfer news.

Who is Fabrizio Romano


Fabrizio Romano is a popular sports journalist and transfer news expert. He’s known for his in-depth knowledge of football (soccer) and his ability to break transfer stories before anyone else. He’s also known for his trademark phrase, “Here we go!” which he uses to confirm that a transfer deal is done. Romano is based in Italy, but his work is followed by fans all over the world. He’s a truly global journalist!

Age & Birth Place

Fabrizio Romano was born on November 21, 1987, in Rome, Italy. This makes him 35 years old as of 2022. He’s lived in Rome his entire life, but his work has taken him all over the world..

Fabrizio Romano Height, Weight and Other Measurements

Height1.72 m / 5’8”
Weight72 Kg / 158 lbs
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorBrown

Childhood Story

Growing up, Fabrizio Romano was an avid football fan. He loved watching and playing the sport, and he dreamed of one day being a part of the world of football. His love of football led him to start writing about the sport when he was just a teenager. He started a blog where he shared his thoughts and opinions on the game. He soon began to gain a following for his insightful and passionate writing. It was clear from an early age that Fabrizio had a talent for journalism. His childhood dream of being involved in the world of football has definitely come true

Family Background

Fabrizio Romano comes from a family of journalists. His father, Gianluca Romano, was a sports journalist for over 30 years. Fabrizio grew up immersed in the world of sports journalism, and it’s no surprise that he followed in his father’s footsteps. His brother, Alberto Romano, is also a sports journalist. Fabrizio’s family has played a big role in shaping his career.


Educational Background

Fabrizio Romano attended the University of Rome, where he studied law. However, his true passion was always journalism, and he soon began working for various media outlets while still a student. After graduating, he decided to focus on his career in journalism. He started working full-time for Italian newspapers and websites, and he soon began to gain recognition for his work. He’s now considered one of the top sports journalists in the world. While his education was important, it’s clear that his real education came from his experience in the field.

Fabrizio Romano Education Qualification

SchoolWill be updated
CollegeCatholic University of Milan
UniversityCatholic University of Milan
Higher Degree or TrainingNo higher degree or training

Personal life

Fabrizio Romano has always been very private when it comes to his personal life. He’s never spoken publicly about his relationships or family life. However, he’s said that he believes it’s important to maintain a separation between his work and personal life. He’s said that he wants to be known for his work, not for his personal life. In an industry where gossip is rampant, Fabrizio has managed to keep his private life just that – private. He’s truly a professional in every sense of the word.

Wife & Kids

Fabrizio Romano is a very private person, and he doesn’t share much about his personal life. As such, it’s unknown if he’s married or has children. He’s never spoken about his romantic relationships in public. That said, it’s clear that his career is his top priority. He’s a dedicated and passionate professional, and he’s committed to his work. While his personal life may be a mystery, there’s no doubt that he’s living a fulfilling and exciting life.

Fabrizio Romano Favorite Things

Here’s a quick list of some of Fabrizio Romano’s favorite things:

  • Team: Roma
  • Food: Carbonara
  • Music: Eros Ramazzotti
  • Author: Carlo Levi
  • Film: The Godfather
  • TV Show: The Sopranos
  • Sport: Football (Soccer)
  • Drink: Coffee
    It’s clear that Fabrizio is a proud Italian, and he takes pride in his heritage and culture. His favorites all reflect his Italian roots.

Fabrizio Romano Trivia

Here are some more interesting facts about Fabrizio Romano:

  • He’s a fluent speaker of both English and Italian.
  • He once worked as a radio journalist for a sports program in Italy.
  • He’s passionate about football and has even played the sport himself.
  • He started out as a fan of Inter Milan before becoming a fan of Roma.
  • He’s a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • His dream is to one day interview Lionel Messi, one of the greatest football players of all time.

Fabrizio Romano Career

Fabrizio Romano has had a successful and varied career. He’s worked as a sports journalist for various newspapers and websites. He’s also worked as a TV pundit, giving his opinions on current sports events. And he’s even worked as a consultant for clubs and players, helping them navigate the complicated world of football. He’s truly a jack of all trades in the world of sports.

His career has taken him all over the world. He’s reported on the biggest sporting events, like the World Cup and the Champions League. He’s interviewed some of the biggest names in football, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane. He’s worked for some of the biggest media outlets in Italy, like La Repubblica and Sky Sport Italia. He’s truly a global citizen, and his career reflects that. He’s truly a man who’s living his dream.


Here’s a list of some of the awards that Fabrizio Romano has won:

  • 2019 ANSA Award for Best Sports Journalist
  • 2019 Football Italia Award for Best Italian Journalist
  • 2019 European Sports Media Award for Best Italian Journalist
  • 2019 Golden Blogger Award Nominee
  • 2020 ANSA Award for Best Sports Journalist
  • 2021 ANSA Award for Best Sports Journalist
  • 2022 ANSA Award for Best Sports Journalist
    It’s clear that Fabrizio is a highly respected and accomplished journalist. He’s truly one of the best in the world.

How Fabrizio Romano come up with Transfer news

Fabrizio Romano is well-known for his ability to break news about football transfers. He’s able to do this through his extensive network of sources within the football world. He has contacts at clubs, agents, and even the players themselves. This allows him to get information that no one else has. He’s often the first to report on transfers before they’re even officially announced. His accuracy and reliability have made him the go-to source for transfer news. It’s truly impressive how he’s able to get such exclusive information.

So how does Fabrizio Romano get his sources?

It’s a combination of hard work, networking, and persistence. He’s built up relationships with people in the football world over the years, and they trust him with information. He’s also very active on social media, which helps him stay connected with his sources and followers. And when he does get a scoop, he makes sure to double and triple-check the information before reporting it. He takes his job very seriously and is committed to getting it right.

Fabrizio’s ‘Here We Go’ Tagline is Trademarked

Fabrizio Romano has trademarked his famous catchphrase, “Here We Go.” It’s become a well-known phrase in the football world, and he’s even used it in marketing campaigns. He’s trademarked the phrase in several countries, including the UK, Italy, Spain, and Germany. This is a smart move on his part, as it protects his brand and ensures that no one else can use the phrase in a way that could confuse people. It’s a reminder that Fabrizio is a savvy businessman, as well as a skilled journalist.

He reportedly makes at least 50 phone calls a day and sleeps for only 5 hours, how does it do that?

Fabrizio Romano has a very intense work schedule. He reportedly makes around 50 phone calls a day, and he often works until the early hours of the morning. Despite this, he manages to get by on just 5 hours of sleep per night. He attributes his ability to function on such little sleep to his passion for his work. He says that he loves what he does, and that’s what keeps him going. It’s an impressive work ethic, but it’s also important to note that it’s not sustainable in the long term.

Fabrizio Romano Net Worth 2023

His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. This is a combination of his salary as a journalist, as well as earnings from his various media appearances and endorsement deals. He’s made a name for himself as a reliable source of information, and this has led to a number of lucrative opportunities. He’s also very active on social media, which has helped him to build a large following and generate income. All of this has contributed to his impressive net worth. It’s no surprise that he’s one of the most successful sports journalists in the world

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