Inspiring True Life Of King Bach(Andrew Byron Bachelor),Bio,Age,Family,2023 Net Worth & Achievement.

Who is King Bach?


King Bach real name Andrew Bachelor, is known as social media star and comedian! He’s famous for his Vine videos and his work on YouTube and Instagram. His comedy is often slapstick and silly, and he’s known for his character “King Bach” who is a fictionalized version of himself. I’ve definitely heard of him

King Bach, was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on June 26, 1988. He’s the son of a Guyanese mother and a British father. He has two sisters, one of whom is a makeup artist who’s worked with celebrities like Justin Bieber.

Family Background

Andrew Bachelor, comes from a very diverse family background. His father, Byron Bachelor, is British, and his mother, Tresa Bachelor, is Guyanese. His heritage is a mix of African, Indian, European, and Native American. He’s spoken about how his diverse background has shaped his comedy and allowed him to connect with a wide range of audiences.

Early Life

King Bach (Andrew Bachelor) had a fairly normal upbringing in West Palm Beach, Florida. He attended a public high school and then went on to study at Florida State University, where he majored in business. While in college, he began making comedy videos and posting them on YouTube. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy. He started by performing stand-up comedy and then landed roles in television shows like “Black Jesus” and “Weeds.” His breakthrough role was on the comedy series “Wild ‘N Out.”


Educational Background

He had a pretty typical childhood. He went to public school and lived in a middle-class neighborhood. He has said that he was always interested in comedy, and that he used to do impressions of his teachers and classmates when he was younger. He was also involved in drama club and other extracurricular activities.

King Bach also attended Florida State University, where he studied business. He didn’t finish his degree, however, as he decided to pursue a career in comedy. He has said that he learned a lot about the entertainment industry while he was in college, and that the experience helped him when he decided to become a professional comedian.

King Bach Height & Body Measurements

King Bach (Andrew Bachelor) is 6’3″ (190 cm) tall. He is also known for his muscular physique, which he often shows off in his videos and photos. He has a muscular build and is in very good shape. He works out regularly and eats a healthy diet. In addition to his height and muscular build, he has brown eyes and dark hair.

King Bach is known for having very distinctive facial features. He has high cheekbones, a strong jawline, and full lips. He also has a wide smile, which he often shows off in his videos. Some have compared his looks to those of the actor Will Smith. Do you think there’s a “type” that tends to do well on social media.


Personal Life

Despite being a public figure, King Bach has managed to keep much of his personal life private. He has never spoken publicly about his family, and he does not share much about his childhood or his personal life on social media. He has said that he likes to keep some aspects of his life separate from his online personal,

Who is King Bach Dating?

King Bach has been linked to several different women over the years, he has never confirmed a relationship. It’s possible that he prefers to keep his romantic life private, or that he is simply single at the moment. He is known to be friendly with a number of female celebrities, but it’s not clear if any of these relationships are romantic


King Bach’s career began on the now-defunct video platform Vine. He was one of the most popular users on the platform, with millions of followers. After Vine shut down, he shifted his focus to other platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. He has also branched out into acting, appearing in movies and TV shows. He has said that he hopes to continue to grow his career and to expand into new areas, such as producing and directing.

King Bach Movie Career

King Bach has appeared in a number of movies, both in starring roles and in cameos. He has had roles in movies such as “Fist Fight,” “The Babysitter,” and “A Fall from Grace.” He has also appeared in numerous television shows, including “Key and Peele,” “Punk’d,” and “The Mindy Project.” In addition to his acting career, he has also produced several projects, including the film “We Are Your Friends.” He has said that he hopes to continue to grow his career in the entertainment industry.

Award Won By King Bach

King Bach has won a number of awards and accolades throughout his career. He has won a Streamy Award for Best Actor, as well as a Shorty Award for Best Vine Celebrity. He has also been nominated for a number of other awards, including a Teen Choice Award and a NAACP Image Award. In addition to his awards, he has been named one of the most influential people on social media by a number of publications.

The Streamy Award that King Bach won was for Best Actor in a Comedy in 2016. The Shorty Award he won was in 2015 for Best Vine Celebrity. He has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Viner in 2015 and 2016, and he was also nominated for a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Social Media Personality in 2016. In addition to these awards, he has also been included on lists of the most influential people on social media by Forbes, TIME, and The Hollywood Reporter.

King Bach has appeared in a number of YouTube videos, both as a guest and as the main star. Some of his most popular videos include:

  • “Don’t Tell My Girlfriend I’m Famous” with Hannah Stocking.
  • “When you run out of data” with Liza Koshy.
  • “Babe, I got to go” with Anwar Jibawi.
  • “Where’s Waldo?” with King Bach, Hannah Stocking, and Lele Pons.
  • “Mace Break” with DeStorm Power.

Net Worth

King Bach has an estimated net worth of $3 million. This is largely due to his success on social media, which has led to opportunities in the entertainment industry. He has also been able to monetize his social media accounts through advertising and endorsements. In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, he has also made money through his own clothing line and through speaking engagements.


King Bach has also achieved a number of other things throughout his career. He has:

  • Appeared on the cover of Adweek.
  • Worked with major brands like Disney, Honda, and Verizon.
  • Starred in a series of commercials for McDonald’s.
  • Collaborated with celebrities like Kendall Jenner, The Rock, and John Stamos.
  • Appeared in music videos for artists like Justin Bieber and DJ Khaled.
  • Released his own music under the name Lil Terrio.

Other accomplishments of King Bach include:

  • Creating the first YouTube channel to reach 10 million subscribers.
  • Working with top YouTube stars like Jenna Marbles and Lilly Singh.
  • Winning the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator.
  • Being a part of the comedy group called Team Internet.
  • Reaching over 16 million followers on Instagram.
  • Producing his own comedy series, called “King Bachelor’s Pad.”

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