Sia Biography: 2023 Net Worth, Current Relationship & Luxuries

Who Is SIA?


Sia, whose full name is Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, is an Australian singer, songwriter, and record producer. She was born in Adelaide, Australia, in 1975. Sia had a troubled childhood, and she was diagnosed with a form of autism known as Asperger’s syndrome. Despite these challenges, she was a talented singer from a young age. She released her first album in 1997, but she did not achieve mainstream success until the mid-2000s.

Family Information About Sia

Sia’s parents divorced when she was young, and she was raised by her mother. She has said that her childhood was difficult and that she often felt like an outsider. Her mother was very supportive of her musical aspirations, and she enrolled Sia in singing lessons when she was a teenager. Sia credits her mother with giving her the confidence to pursue her dreams.

Sia’s mother, Phil Colson, was a singer and songwriter herself, so music was always a part of Sia’s life. In addition to her mother, Sia’s grandfather, John Furler, was a singer and guitarist. He toured with Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, and he even performed at the Royal Command Performance for Queen Elizabeth II. Sia has said that her grandfather was a big influence on her own musical career.

Educational Background

Sia also had an unconventional educational background. She dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and worked as a singer and dancer in the Australian music scene. Later, she moved to London to pursue her musical career further. In London, she started taking songwriting and performance classes at the BRIT School, which is a performing arts school in the UK. However, she still did not have a traditional education. Despite this, she has gone on to have a successful career in music.


Personal Life

Sia is notoriously private about her personal life. She rarely does interviews, and she does not post about her personal life on social media. However, she has spoken about her struggles with mental health and addiction in the past. She has said that she has struggled with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. However, she has also said that she is now in a much better place and is focused on her music.

Musical Career

Sia’s musical career has been quite varied. She started out as a singer in the 1990s, and she released several albums that were not commercially successful. In the 2000s, she started writing songs for other artists, and she found success as a songwriter. She has written songs for artists such as Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Beyoncé. In 2010, she released her first hit single, “Titanium.” She has since released several successful albums, including 1000 Forms of Fear and This Is Acting. What is your favorite.

Sia’s Best Songs List

  • Genius LSD (2019)
  • Chandelier Voices (2014)
  • Unstoppable This Is Acting (2016)
  • Move Your Body This Is Acting (2016)
  • Snowman Everyday Is Christmas (2017)
  • Cheap Thrills This Is Acting (2016)
  • I’m Still Here BRAVO The Hits 2018 (2018)

Sia husband?

Sia is not currently married, but she has been in a long-term relationship with filmmaker Erik Anders Lang. The two have been together since 2009, and they share a son, born in 2010. Before meeting Lang, Sia was in a relationship with JD Samson, a musician and producer. She has also been linked to David Blaine, the magician and illusionist.

Net Worth

Sia’s current net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. She has earned her wealth through a combination of her music career, acting roles, and endorsements. She has also made money from her tours and merchandise sales. Sia’s net worth is likely to continue to grow in the future, as she is still a successful artist with a loyal fan base..



Sia is known for her extravagant lifestyle. She lives in a lavish mansion in Los Angeles, and she often posts photos of her luxurious vacations on social media. In addition, she is known for her extensive collection of expensive handbags and jewelry. While some people may criticize Sia for her over-the-top lifestyle, it is clear that she enjoys spending her money on things that make her happy.

NameSia Kate Isobelle Furle
Bio18 December 1975, South Australia
Singing CareerFirst album: ‘Only See’MTV awards YouTube music awards etc.
IncomeMonthly income: $0.1+million
Age48 years
BoyfriendBoyfriends: J. D Samson, Eric Lang, Shia LaBeouf, etc. .Husband: Den Bernard (2023)
In conclusion, Sia is an incredibly talented and successful artist. She has overcome a number of challenges in her life, including a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome and the loss of her father. Despite these hardships, she has used her unique voice and creative vision to become one of the most popular musicians in the world. She is an inspiration to those who face similar challenges, and she is proof that anything is possible with hard work and determination.