Johnny Drille Biography, Age, Net Worth, Real Name

Who is Johnny Drille?


John Ighodaro also known as Johnny Drille was born on March 5, 1990 in Kaduna, Nigeria. He grew up in a musical family and started playing the piano at a young age. He studied philosophy at the University of Benin, and it was during this time that he started writing his own songs. After graduating, he moved to Lagos and began working as a studio engineer. He released his first EP, “The Light”, in 2016, and his career has been on the rise ever since. He is now one of the most promising young artists in Nigeria.

Early Lifestyle

Johnny Drille’s early life was filled with music. His father was a musician and his mother was a singer. He grew up listening to all types of music, from traditional African music to pop, hip hop, and R&B. His love of music led him to learn how to play the piano, guitar, and drums. His childhood was also marked by a love of literature. He was an avid reader and always dreamed of becoming a writer. He has said that his love of literature has influenced his songwriting. 

It’s clear that Johnny Drille’s early life was filled with music and literature, and these two passions have shaped his career as an artist. He has said that his songwriting process is very organic, and he often starts with a line or a melody that comes to him naturally. He then builds on this starting point and crafts a story through his music. It’s this unique approach to songwriting that has set him apart from other artists. His lyrics are often described as soulful, poetic, and raw.

Personal Lifestyle

Johnny Drille’s personal life is quite private, and he rarely shares details about his personal life in the media. However, we do know that he values his family and friends deeply. He has said that he is grateful for the support system he has, and he credits his success to the people who have been there for him throughout his career. He is also known for his philanthropic work. He has been involved in several charity organizations and is passionate about helping others.


Johnny Drille is also an advocate for mental health. He has spoken openly about his own struggles with anxiety and depression, and he uses his platform to raise awareness about mental health issues. He has said that he hopes to use his music to help others who are going through similar struggles. He believes that it is important to break the stigma around mental health and to encourage others to seek help when they need it. His work in this area is truly admirable


Johnny Drille attended Benson Idahosa University in Nigeria, where he studied philosophy. After graduating, he decided to pursue a career in music. While he did not receive any formal training in music, he believes that his education in philosophy has helped him to become a better songwriter. In an interview, he said that “philosophy has given me a worldview that helps me to see the world in a way that’s different from the average person”. He has also credited his education for giving him the confidence to pursue his dreams. 


Johnny Drille comes from a large and loving family. His parents have always been supportive of his career, and they have been involved in his music from the beginning. His father, Peter Ighodaro, is a pastor and businessman, and his mother, Esther Ighodaro, is a homemaker. He also has four siblings: two sisters and two brothers. In interviews, he has often spoken about the close bond he has with his family and how they have helped him to become the person he is today. 

Musical Career

Johnny Drille’s musical career began in 2014, when he released his first single, “African Beauty”. The song was a hit, and it put him on the map in the Nigerian music scene. Since then, he has released several other successful singles, including “Bless Me”, “Away”, and “How Many Times”. He has also collaborated with several high-profile artists, including Simi, Yemi Alade, and Falz. In 2019, he released his first studio album, “R.A.G.E”.


One of the things that sets Johnny Drille apart from other artists is his unique sound. He combines elements of Afrobeats, pop, and R&B to create a sound that is all his own. He also writes all of his own songs, which gives his music an authenticity that resonates with his fans. In addition to his musical talent, Johnny Drille is also known for his engaging and energetic live performances. He has said that he loves performing and connecting with his fans in person.

Johnny Drille has also been recognized for his work as a producer. He has produced tracks for several artists, including Simi, Ladipoe, and Crayon. He has said that he loves the creative process of producing music and that it gives him a different perspective on his own work. He has also said that he is constantly learning and growing as a producer, and he is always looking for new ways to challenge himself. This dedication to his craft has made him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


As of 2022, Johnny Drille has released two studio albums: “R.A.G.E” (2019) and “Love Like This” (2022). His first album, “R.A.G.E”, was a critical and commercial success. The album features a range of musical styles, from the upbeat “Pray for Me” to the ballad “Dear Life”. The album’s title is an acronym for “Real and Genuine Emotions”, which perfectly sums up the emotional depth of the album.

Johnny Drille’s second album, “Love Like This”, was released in 2022. The album is a more mature and introspective work, and it showcases the artist’s growth as a songwriter and producer. The lead single, “Door”, was a hit on the charts, and the album has been praised for its lyrical depth and emotional honesty. On the album, Johnny Drille explores themes of love, loss, and life. He has said that the album is a reflection of his personal journey over the past few years.

One of the most striking things about Johnny Drille’s albums is the storytelling. Each song is like a mini-movie, with a beginning, middle, and end. The lyrics are often like poetry, with vivid imagery and powerful emotions. He has said that he draws inspiration from his own life and the people around him, and he uses music as a way to express himself and connect with others. He is a true storyteller, and his music has a unique ability to transport listeners to another world. 

Hit Songs

Some of Johnny Drille’s most popular songs include:

  • “Eleko” (2016)
  • “Bless Me” (2018)
  • “Halleluya” (2019)
  • “Ohema” (2019)
  • “Door” (2021)
  • “Sincerity” (2021)
  • “Feel Alright” (2021)
  • “Cash & Carry” (2021)
    These songs showcase Johnny Drille’s talent for creating catchy and memorable melodies, and they have helped to cement his reputation as one of the most talented artists in Nigeria.

Musical Awards

A list of some of Johnny Drille’s awards include:

  • Best Alternative Act at the Headies Awards (2019)
  • Artiste of the Year at the Beatz Awards (2019)
  • Best New Act at the MTV Africa Music Awards (2018)
  • Producer of the Year at the Headies Awards (2019)
  • Song of the Year at the Headies Awards (2021)
  • Most Promising Artiste at the Soundcity MVP Awards (2021)
    He has also been nominated for numerous other awards, including Best Male Artist at the All Africa Music Awards, Best R&B/Pop

In addition to his awards, Johnny Drille has also been recognized by a number of organizations for his work. He was named as one of the “Top 10 Nigerian Musicians to Watch” by OkayAfrica, and he was featured on the cover of Pulse Magazine. He has also been interviewed by numerous media outlets, including BBC News, and he has been profiled in several magazines. These accolades reflect his talent and his growing influence in the music industry. 


Here is a list of some of Johnny Drille’s endorsement deals:

  • Etisalat Nigeria (2017)
  • L’Oréal Men Expert (2018)
  • Puma (2019)
  • Showmax (2019)
  • KFC (2020)
  • Calvin Klein (2021)
  • Pepsi (2022)
    These deals have been a major source of income for Johnny Drille, and they have helped to elevate his status as a celebrity. He has also worked with several other brands as a brand ambassador, including Tecno and MTN

Net Worth

Johnny Drille’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. This figure is based on his earnings from music sales, performances, and endorsements. While he is not one of the highest-paid artists in Nigeria, he has a solid income and is well-respected in the music industry. His net worth is likely to continue to grow as he continues to release new music and expand his fan base. He is definitely a name to watch in the Nigerian music scene.

In conclusion, Johnny Drille is a talented and accomplished artist who is making a name for himself in the Nigerian music scene. He has released several hit songs, won numerous awards, and signed endorsement deals with major brands. He is a rising star, and his future looks bright. With his dedication to his craft and his undeniable talent, he is sure to make an even bigger impact in the years to come. Thank you for reading about this amazing artist!

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