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Who is DJ Honey Dijon?


Honey Redmond (born June 21, 1968), She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and she started her career in the Chicago club scene. She later moved to New York City, where she became a resident DJ at the famed club The Roxy. She then moved to Berlin, where she became a resident at the legendary club Berghain. She’s since played at some of the most prestigious clubs and festivals in the world, including Coachella, Burning Man, and Glastonbury. So it’s safe to say that she’s an internationally-renowned DJ! 

Early Life

DJ Honey Dijon’s early life had a big impact on her career. She grew up in a musical family, and her father was a jazz musician. She started playing the piano at a young age, and she began DJing at the age of 13. She started out playing hip-hop and house music, but she soon developed her own unique sound. She’s said that her early experiences in Chicago’s vibrant club scene shaped her as an artist. So it’s clear that her early life played a big role in her success!

Personal Life

She identifies as a transgender woman, and she’s been outspoken about the importance of representation and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community. She’s also been open about her experiences with racism and sexism, and she’s spoken out about the importance of creating safe spaces for people of color and women in the music industry. She’s said that her personal experiences have shaped her art and her activism. It’s clear that she’s using her platform to make a difference! 


She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she studied philosophy. But she left college after just one year to pursue her music career. However, she’s said that her time at university shaped her as a person and as an artist. And it’s clear that her education has helped her to become the successful DJ and activist that she is today. So, even though she didn’t graduate, her education still had a big impact on her life!



she started DJing at the age of 13, and she soon gained a following in the Chicago club scene. In the early 2000s, she moved to New York City, where she worked as a producer and songwriter. She also started working with Lady Gaga, and she co-wrote the hit song “Bad Romance.” In 2009, she released her debut album, “The Life and Death of a DJ.” In the 2010s, she toured the world and released several successful albums.

In recent years, she’s been involved in a number of high-profile projects. She collaborated with Madonna on the “Rebel Heart” tour, and she was a featured artist on Azealia Banks’ “Broke with Expensive Taste” album. She’s also worked with the fashion brand Opening Ceremony, and she’s been a regular at fashion shows and events. In addition to her musical work, she’s also known for her fashion sense and her love of vintage clothing. So, she’s definitely a jack of all trades!

she’s also been involved in several projects that focus on social justice and activism. In 2018, she curated the “Piano in the Sky” project, which was a series of concerts that took place in the sky above London. The project aimed to raise awareness about social issues like immigration and homelessness. In 2019, she released the album “You Can Do Anything,” which was inspired by her experiences as a transgender woman. So, as you can see, DJ Honey Dijon is doing so much more than just playing music! 


The Life and Death of a DJ (2009)

  • The Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Mademoiselle (2013)
  • London Sessions Vol. 1 (2015)
  • You Can Do Anything (2019)
  • Honey Dijon Presents: Classic Music Company Vol. 1 (2020)
  • Cherry Bomb (2021)
  • Let the Drums Speak (2022)
    She’s released a lot of music over the years, and there’s definitely something for everyone!


Throughout her career, DJ Honey Dijon has been nominated for and won a number of awards. She’s been nominated for a Grammy Award, an MTV Europe Music Award, and a GLAAD Media Award. And she’s won a Mixmag Award, a DJ Mag Award, and a DJ Awards Ibiza Award. So, it’s safe to say that she’s made a big impact on the music scene! I’m sure there will be more awards in her future too!

Net Worth

estimated to be around $5 million. And she’s definitely earned every penny! She’s worked hard to build a successful career, and she’s earned the respect of her peers and fans alike. Plus, she’s not afraid to use her platform to speak out about important issues and make a positive impact on the world.

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