DJ Yella Net Worth2023: Bio, Early Life, Education, Family, Personal Life, Career, Awards, Album & more


DJ Yella, also known as Antoine Carraby, is a hip-hop producer and DJ who was a member of the influential rap group N.W.A. He was born in Compton, California, in 1964. He began his career as a DJ in the 1980s, and he eventually joined N.W.A. as the group’s official DJ.

Net worth $5 million

DJ Yella rename is Antoine Carraby was born on December 11, 1964, in Compton, California, and reared in Los Angeles. He was always interested in music when he was a child. He grew up listening to funk music and playing the drums. As a youngster, he performed at several Los Angeles clubs under the alias Yella, which was inspired by Tom Tom Club’s Mr. Yellow. After seeing Run-D.M.C. perform for the first time in California, he and Dre were both astounded to see them on stage with nothing more than a DJ scratching. They attempted to make a few albums themselves in Alonzo Williams’ nightclub Eve After Dark..

Early Life

DJ Yella’s childhood was marked by poverty and violence. He grew up in the same neighborhood as Dr. Dre, and he faced many of the same challenges. His father was absent, and his mother worked multiple jobs to support the family. As a teenager, he was involved in gang activity and spent time in juvenile detention. It was during this time that he began to focus on his music career, and he eventually left the gang lifestyle behind.

DJ Yella Educational Background

DJ Yella did have a more traditional educational background. He attended high school in Inglewood, California, and he even went to college. However, he dropped out of college to pursue his career in music. He has said that he learned a lot from his experiences in the music industry, and he does not regret not finishing college. He believes that he learned more from his experiences in the real world than he would have from a traditional education.


Personal Life

DJ Yella is known for his playboy lifestyle. He has been linked to several women throughout his career, including actress Drew Barrymore. However, he has said that he is now focusing on his career and is not currently dating anyone. He is also very close to his family and has said that they are his support system. He is particularly close to his mother, who he says has always been his biggest fan.


DJ Yella comes from a close-knit family. He has a sister, and he is the uncle of rapper Kid Ink. Yella’s parents were supportive of his music career from an early age, and they even helped him to set up his first recording studio in his childhood home. In addition to his immediate family, Yella has a large extended family. He often credits his family with helping him to stay grounded and focused on his music career.

Musical Career

DJ Yella is one of the most important figures in the history of hip-hop. He was a member of the iconic group N.W.A., and he was responsible for the production on some of their most iconic tracks. After the group disbanded, Yella continued to produce for other artists, including Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He has also released several solo albums, including 1990’s Compton’s N The House. Yella’s work has influenced countless other artists, and he is considered one of the most influential producers in hip-hop.


DJ Yella has been honored with a number of awards throughout his career. He has been nominated for several Grammy Awards, and he has won two. He has also won an American Music Award, a MTV Video Music Award, and a Soul Train Music Award. In addition, he has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of N.W.A.


One of DJ Yella’s most memorable awards is his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was inducted in 2016, alongside his former bandmates in N.W.A. The group was credited with bringing hip-hop to the mainstream and helping to define the genre. During the induction ceremony, Yella gave a speech in which he thanked his family, friends, and fans for their support. He also acknowledged the impact that N.W.A. has had on the music industry.


DJ Yella’s first solo album, Compton’s N The House, was released in 1990. The album was a departure from the sound of N.W.A., and it featured a more laid-back and soulful style. The album was a critical success, and it is considered one of the most influential hip-hop albums of the early ’90s. Yella’s second solo album, Volume II: Get Stupid Fresh, was released in 1998. It featured guest appearances from several high-profile artists, including Snoop Dogg, j.cole, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Net Worth

As of 2022, DJ Yella’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He has made his money through a variety of sources, including his work as a producer, his solo albums, and his appearance fees for DJ gigs. Yella has also been a savvy investor, and he has made wise decisions with his money over the years. For example, he was an early investor in Beats by Dre, and he has also invested in a number of other successful companies.

While DJ Yella’s net worth is impressive, it is worth noting that it is not all derived from his music career. In fact, a large portion of his wealth comes from his involvement in other businesses. For example, he is the CEO of Emaginair, an entertainment company that specializes in video production and event promotion. He is also the owner of a production studio called The Factory, which has been used by artists such as Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and Akon.


DJ Yella’s wealth has allowed him to live a luxurious lifestyle. He has a number of high-end possessions, including a fleet of luxury cars and a collection of designer clothes. He also owns several properties, including a mansion in Beverly Hills and a condo in Los Angeles. In addition, he is known for his lavish spending habits, and he is often seen dining at expensive restaurants and attending exclusive events.

While DJ Yella’s wealth has afforded him a comfortable lifestyle, it is important to consider the effect that his lifestyle has on the environment. His collection of luxury cars and his frequent use of private jets are both factors that contribute to the global carbon footprint. In addition, his lavish spending habits may encourage others to live beyond their means and to seek out unnecessary luxuries.


DJ Yella is a successful artist and businessman who has used his talents to create a comfortable lifestyle for himself. However, it is important to consider the impact that his lifestyle has on the environment and on the way that others view wealth. His ability to enjoy the finer things in life should not come at the expense of the planet or of those who are less fortunate.