Biography of Snoop Dogg: Net worth 2023, Family, Award & Endorsement



Snoop Dogg real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He was born in Long Beach, California, in 1971. Snoop’s debut album, Doggystyle, was released in 1993 and was a major commercial success. Since then, he has released over a dozen studio albums and has collaborated with many artists, including Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Wiz Khalifa. Snoop is also known for his work as a cultural icon and his advocacy for cannabis legalization. Snoop Dogg has been so exceptional on his art and you might be wondering where he got that name Snoop Dogg from.

What is the meaning of Snoop Dogg’s ?

Snoop Dogg’s name has multiple meanings and layers of significance. The “Snoop” part of his name comes from his childhood nickname, which was inspired by his ability to sneak around. The “Dogg” part is a reference to his loyalty and faithfulness, as a “dogg” is often seen as a symbol of these traits. The “Snoop Dogg” name also has a connection to his West Coast hip-hop roots, as “dogg” is a slang term used by many rappers in the area.


Snoop Dogg was born on October 20, 1971, so he is currently 51 years old. He was born in Long Beach, California, and grew up in the city’s Eastside neighborhood. Snoop’s birth month of October falls under the sign of Libra, which is associated with traits like diplomacy, fairness, and creativity. It’s interesting to note that many other notable rappers, like Tupac Shakur and Eazy-E, were also born in October. Snoop’s personality and artistry are shaped by many different factors, including his upbringing, experiences, and influences. Plus, there’s so much more to Snoop than just his birth chart.


Educational Background

Snoop Dogg’s educational background is an interesting and often overlooked part of his life story. He attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, where he played football and was known for his athletic ability. However, he struggled with academics and eventually dropped out. After leaving school, he began rapping and eventually found success in the music industry. It’s interesting to consider how Snoop’s life might have been different if he had completed his education.

Family background

His parents, Vernall Varnado and Beverly Broadus, were both deeply religious and raised him in a strict Baptist household. His parents divorced when he was young, and he was primarily raised by his mother. Snoop has said that his father’s absence had a big impact on his life and his music. He also has a large extended family, including many siblings and cousins. Snoop’s close relationship with his mother, Beverly, has also been a big part of his life and career. Beverly has been involved in his music, including appearing in the music video for his song “I Wanna Rock.” She has also been a source of support and guidance for Snoop, and he has often spoken about how much he values her opinion. Beverly has even accompanied Snoop on tour and helped manage his career.

Snoop doggs wife and children

Snoop Dogg got married to Shante Broadus, whom he has been with since high school. The couple has three children together: Corde, Cordell, and Cori. Shante has been a big part of Snoop’s life and career, and she has supported him through the ups and downs of his life. She has also been a part of his business ventures, including his cannabis company, Leafs By Snoop. In addition to being Snoop’s wife and business partner, Shante is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Personal Lifestyle

Snoop Dogg is known for his unique and lavish personal lifestyle. He is a big fan of luxury items, such as cars, jewelry, and designer clothes. He has even been known to have his own personal bling chef, who prepares his food with gold flakes and diamonds. In addition to his extravagant lifestyle, Snoop is also known for his love of marijuana. He has even created his own line of cannabis products, called Leaf’s By Snoop.


In addition to his love of luxury items and marijuana, Snoop Dogg is also known for his love of food. He has even released a cookbook, From Crook to Cook, which features recipes for some of his favorite meals. He has also been a judge on the cooking show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. And in case you’re wondering, yes, Snoop does have a favorite snack: Hot Cheetos with nacho cheese. His musical career has been long and varied.

musical career

He began rapping in the early 1990s, and he released his first album, Doggystyle, in 1993. Since then, he has released over a dozen studio albums, and he has collaborated with many other artists, including Dr. Dre, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, and Kendrick Lamar. In addition to his solo career, he has also been a member of the hip-hop groups Tha Dogg Pound and 213. Snoop Dogg has had many hit songs over the course of his career.

Hit songs

Some of his most well-known songs include “Gin and Juice,” “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” “Beautiful,” and “Sensual Seduction.” He has also had numerous collaborations that have been successful, including “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” with Dr. Dre, “The Next Episode” with Dr. Dre and Nate Dogg, and “Young, Wild & Free” with Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars. quick fact about him , he is so creative and this has lead to numerous awards won by him.


Snoop Dogg has won numerous awards throughout his career, including five Grammy Awards. He has also been nominated for numerous other awards, including an Emmy Award, an MTV Video Music Award, and a Soul Train Award. In addition to his musical accolades, he has also received numerous honors for his philanthropic work. In 2018, he was awarded the American Music Award of Merit.

Net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Snoop Dogg has a net worth of $150 million. This net worth has been earned through his successful career in music, as well as his other business ventures, such as his clothing line, cannabis company, and various endorsement deals. He has also been able to invest his money wisely, and he owns a number of properties, including a home in California and a home in Colorado.


Snoop Dogg has had numerous endorsement deals over the years. He has worked with companies such as Adidas, Pepsi, Nike, and Chrysler. He has also been a spokesperson for several technology companies, including Intel, Beats Electronics, and Skullcandy. His most notable endorsement deal was with Corona beer, which he promoted in a series of commercials in which he was shown “chillin’ with a Corona.”


In conclusion, Snoop Dogg is a multi-talented artist who has achieved great success in both the music industry and the business world. He has had a lasting impact on popular culture, and he has shown that he is much more than just a rapper.